Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday's Radio Show: Reeling in the Years

Here is the playlist from Wednesday's radio show. As always, you can play the underlined or highlighted links.

1970 The Stooges (1970)
Kevin Danzig (2006)

1972 Josh Rouse (2005)
James Blunt (2007)

Ryan Adams (2003)

Hushpuppies (2004)

Grand Funk Railroad (1976)

The Clash (1977)

Salim Nourallah (2004)

Smashing Pumpkins (1995)

1980 Gil-Scott Heron (1980)
Public Image Ltd. (1984)

Randy Travis (2001)

John Mayer (2001)

David Bowie (1974)

Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five Paul McCartney (1973)
Discover America (2005)

Almost made it: "1969," Vines; "74-75" The Connells; "1975" Everclear; "1978" Gizmos; "1981 (Trip or Freak)" Angry Samoans; "1984" Eurythmics; "1985" SR-71

No way: "1985" Bowling for Soup

One of the great things about being back on the airwaves is that I have a chance to put together ambitious theme shows that have been germinating in my head for a while. Such is the case with this show, which has been loosely gathered together in my iTunes library for quite a while. The challenge, of course, was filling in the gaps on my year-by-year progression. But that was also part of the fun, as you'll read below.

By sheer coincidence (and time limitations), the years exactly mimic my non-adult school years: Kindergarten (in 1970) through college graduation (1986). Don't you love it when things work out that way?

Here are the notes:
  • Rockers are a nostalgic lot, aren't they? Of the 17 songs featured on this show, 11 look back on prior times – nine by 16 years or more. Several of the songs, I think, reflect the singer's birth date. That makes sense, considering it will always be the biggest year of their lives. right? It's also worth noting that the four songs set in the same year as they were released are the most politically-charged of the lot.

  • As I said, part of the fun of this show was tracking down music to fill in the gaps. Gil-Scott Heron had nearly left my consciousness until I was pointed to the title track of his 1980 (1980) album. Truly a man ahead of his time, I would say. Apparently, not too many musicians look back fondly on 1971, yet I did manage to find folkie Kevin Danzig's little Beatles tribute. But my favorite find had to be Salim Nourallah, an artist I had never even heard of until I came across this song and video.

    Compare it to "1973" by James Blunt, whom Nourallah more than slightly resembles. Kind of spooky, huh?

  • How do you like my curveball of the week? I've got to admit that Randy Travis ain't exactly my cup of tea, but I couldn't resist the segueway. I mean, on what other show will you find a Gil-Scott Heron, followed by PiL, and then Mr. "Forever and Ever Amen?"

  • Of all the nostalgic songs on this show, I get the biggest kick out of Mayer's "'83" because of his lyrical wordplay. Who hasn't felt this way about returning to one's childhood haunts? "Kind of like my life is like a sequel to a movie/Where the actor's names have changed/Oh well." Thomas Wolfe was right. You can't go home again.

  • Before you make fun of Grand Funk Railroad, you should know that the track comes from their final full-fledged album, which was produced by none other than Frank Zappa. No kidding.

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