Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two-Fer-Tuesday: SR-71, the Smart A** Punks

So why exactly did her dreams go out the door when she turned 24?

Yeah, you remember that line. From Bowling for Soup's big hit from 2004, "1985," which I opted not to include during last week's "Reeling in the Years" radio show.

That's because if I was going to play any version of that song, I was going to play the original version by SR-71. Which does indeed answer that question in a line that probably wouldn't have made it onto Radio Disney or any Kidz Bop album.

Instead of SR-71, I went with Paul McCartney's "Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five," a lost classic from his Band on the Run (1973) album.

So I'm making up for it this week with a two-fer about this Baltimore band, whom I accidentally discovered when a friend gave me their debut CD Now You See Inside (2000) a few years back. It contained the semi-hits "Right Now" and "Politically Correct," which you might have heard in a couple of video games or teen movies. (Just to bring it full circle: The band makes fun of the former Beatle on a track called "Paul McCartney")

Yes, SR-71 has got really loud, crunching guitars. But really, the band is more of a power pop group with an ear for melody – and a smart-ass attitude, thanks to lead singer Mitch Allan's sarcastic lyrics.

A bit of trivia for you: That's Allan as the mailman shaking his head early on in the famous Bowling For Soup video of "1985," which you can see here

Now, here's the SR-71 version of the song.

Play "1985" by SR-71

A few years later, after the band had been dropped by RCA, Allan recorded another blast against living in the past – ironically, something we do every day at Play It And Be Damned. As you'll hear, this song makes even more fun of folks who can't live the present day– particularly those "still rockin' the ponytail." You'll find both this song "Axl Rose," and the original "1985" on Here We Go Again (2004), which was only released in Japan.

Play "Axl Rose" by SR-71

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