Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Announcement (Or Maybe Not)

Ever wish there was an audio version of the "Play It And Be Damned" blog?


Well, it will debut next week when I mark my return to the semi-airwaves after more than 20 years of life outside the studio.

The hour-long "Play It and Be Darned" radio show makes its debut Wednesday at 10 a.m. Eastern time on Washtenaw Community College's Orchard Radio internet radio station. As long as you have the Quicktime software, you can listen live on the home page. You might even catch a glimpse of me on the live cam.

(Yes, that's right. The name of the show had to be changed to satisfy WCC's broadcast requirements. You'll notice I've just created a parallel blog called Play It And Be Darned that essentially sends users to this site)

Tentatively, I'm planning to feature some of my favorite cover songs on this week's show. Future shows (again, I'm a little tentative on what I'm going to do, so bear with me) may be hour-long tributes to the glory days of IRS records, the bands that followed in the footsteps of U2 and the great saxophone solos of rock and roll. I may also do entire shows devoted to some of my regular features on the blog, such as "Unsung Heroes" and "Soundtrack Sunday." Anybody up for a tribute to the music featured in John Hughes movies?

Um, okay. I'll take that under advisement.

Needless to say, I'm a little nervous reentering what is essentially an entirely new world entirely different from the one I knew when I hosted and served as music director at WGTB, a carrier current AM station at Georgetown University. The turntables of my era have given way to dual CD players. And how about a little version of "Taps" for the fondly remembered cart machines?

And what is this thing called the In-Ter-Net anyway?

As always, feel free to drop me an email at or leave a comment here with any suggestions you might have.

Wish me luck! I may need it…

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